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It goes without saying that people really depend on their household appliances. Two of the most important appliances in the home are the washer and dryer. A family can accumulate many clothes to wash in no time flat, and they rely on these appliances to operate correctly. Prospect Park Refrigeration and Washer Service provides exceptional washer and dryer repair in Brooklyn, NY, to make certain they do.

Our washer and dryer repair technicians know these appliances inside and out. For the complex jobs they do, these washers and dryers actually operate in fairly simple ways. When certain problems arise, they can be fixed quickly and easily, as long as you have a professional on the job. Preventive maintenance can eliminate most problems before they occur, and the early detection of problems is essential.

At Prospect Park Refrigeration and Washer Service, we encourage the residents of Brooklyn, NY to get in touch with us at the first sign of a problem. The sooner we get there, the more accurately we can provide the washer and dryer repair you need. Some early warning signs of potential problems include:

• Washer leaking water
• Washer or dryer making loud noises
• Dryer not drying clothes properly
• Washer agitator not working properly

Washers and dryers both have a series of switches that control the operation of the appliance. These switches can go bad, and we will replace them quickly. Belts can wear out and break. Our techs will install a new one in no time flat. The heating element in a dryer can go bad, and the motors in the washer and dryer can go bad, too. Our Prospect Park Refrigeration and Washer Service team will address all of your needs effectively. Call us first when your washer or dryer acts up, and we will respond quickly.

Many things can go wrong with these appliances that will require you to enlist our washer and dryer repair service. Our technicians can fix them all efficiently.