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Oven and stove repair is one of the many services our technicians at Prospect Park Refrigeration and Washer Service specialize in. Our specialists have the precise training necessary on all major brands to provide exceptional repair service for ovens, stoves and ranges. Our commitment to our customers in the Brooklyn, NY community is personal and genuine. We thoroughly love what we do, and it shows.

Imagine trying to cook dinner for your family without a working stove, range or oven. These appliances have become mainstays in every household, and no home is quite complete without them. That’s why it’s important that yours stay in good shape. Here are some of the parts of your appliances that may require attention and prompt you to call our stove repair service:

• Power cords
• Stovetop heating elements
• Oven heating elements
• Pilot lights (on gas stoves)
• Switches

When customers call us and say they have no power to their electric stoves, the first thing we do is tell them to look behind the appliance and make sure it’s still plugged in, and then we ask them to check the breakers. You’d be surprised how often a cord comes loose from the wall, or the breakers trip. This saves our customers a service charge, which is something we’re happy to do.

Prospect Park Refrigeration and Washer Service is not out to take advantage of our customers in Brooklyn, NY. We’re out to provide you with complete customer satisfaction, because a happy customer is a return customer. If you need our help, call us now to schedule our stove repair service.